A Large Hong Kong Food Importer and Wholesaler

We would like to take this opportunity to thank World-link’s professional day and night teams. Regardless of the request, World-link’s team could deal with and fulfill it appropriately. World-link is currently handling 2600sku of goods for us. Its professional services greatly reduce our inventory cost, allowing us to focus on providing quality services for our customers.

A Large Supermarket Agents in Hong Kong

As a retailer facing the keen competition in the business environment in Hong Kong, we endeavor to achieve 100% product supply and minimise the costs on logistics. World-link simply helps us do these right. No matter how difficult the situation (e.g. typhoon, system failure) is, World-link always provides professional, quality and swift services. They really are “Best of the Best”!

A Well-known French Logistics Company - Electronic Components

World-link is our important and much valued partner. Through World-link’s quality services and customised logistics solutions, our customers and we always feel its flexibility and “Always Can Do” spirit.

A Well-known Shanghai Canned Food Brand

World-link is our close partner who provides not only specialised logistics solutions but also assistance to our market development by promoting our company to different customer groups. This helps us develop our business and we want to express our heartfelt thanks to World-link for its assistance and support over the years.

Hong Kong Listed Restaurant Chain

Known for its quality food and services, this local listed restaurant group has gained the support of diners who stress quality. As more branches were opened, its former Chief Executive Officer decided to make use of World-link’s third-party logistics service (3PL) in 2012. World-link and the Group planned for two years and implemented innovation in phases, so that both companies' staff could adapt to and coordinate with each other. A mutually trusted partnership was built up as a result. According to the former Chief Executive Officer, “A group should consider making use of 3PL if it owns more than ten branches so as to ensure a stable supply of daily inventory and flow of goods, therefore consume the ingredients prior to the expiry date. Different kinds of food and goods have to be kept in warehouses with strict monitoring of ambient temperature to avoid cross-infection, for the purpose of food safety and winning the trust of customers. By focusing on purchasing, the operating costs can be reduced and, at the same time, space reserved for storage in the branches could be released. This increases the efficiency of both frontline and backend staff and improves the competitiveness of the Group in the long run.



1997-98 and 1998-99 Quality Award from a multinational FMCG company
2000 Quality Award from a multinational FMCG company
2001 Quality Award from a multinational FMCG company
2005 Quality Award from a multinational FMCG company
2007 Best Logistics and Delivery Centre Award from a multinational FMCG company
2014 Certificate of Appreciation from a multinational FMCG company
20th Cooperation Anniversary Trophy from a multinational FMCG company
ISO:9001 Quality Management System Certification