World-link is committed to providing a full range of third-party logistics services, including warehousing, transportation and customisation services, to allow customers to focus on its business and reduce operating costs.


Categorised and Careful Custody

World-link has set up warehouses of over 400,000 square feet in two buildings. Fast-moving consumer goods, cosmetics, food and beverage, wine, electronic components and other goods are stored on different floors based on their categories. We carefully regulate temperature and humidity and prevent dust to ensure that the goods can be kept secure.

Tailor-made and customer-oriented Services

To meet the operational needs of different customers, World-link holds discussion with customers to tailor-make exclusive and rigorous standard operating procedures (SOP) for them. Through systematic quality control processes, we maintain our product and service quality, to boost customers’ confidence.

Fully Computerised Management to Increase Accuracy

From receiving orders, transportation, inventory management to delivery, we manage each procedure meticulously. Since 2009, we have fully computerised our operation procedures by implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX as the core management system to manage our inventory level accurately. In addition, World-link has been putting much emphasis on staff training. We assign experienced staff to monitor the operating procedures, so as to minimise errors.

Transportation Services

Flexible deployment to ensure on-time delivery

Our powerful and professional vehicle fleet always delivers customers’ goods to the destination on-time. World-link owns and contracts a number of lorries of various tonnage, including 24, 16, 5.5 and 2.9 tonnes or below. Our vehicle fleet provides around the clock transportation service, covering over 1,500 delivery points across 18 districts in Hong Kong, which allow us to deal with emergencies flexibly. Even during the Hong Kong dockworkers’ strike, staff of our transportation department could be flexibly arranged, in order to deliver the freights to the destination in a timely manner according to customers’ requirements.

Reliable and Quick Response to Emergencies

In case of emergency, we always stick to our positions and try our best in fulfilling customers’ needs. When we encounter traffic incidents, we will show our flexibility and fulfill our promise to customers and deliver the goods as scheduled.

Customisation Services

“Second to None” Packing Experience

In order to ensure product quality, World-link has set up an almost dust-free packing environment "Primary Room" to cater for products that require strict hygienic standards during the packing process (e.g. female hygiene products, diapers, etc.). Other packing facilities, including compressed packing vacuum, date coder and vacuum packing machine for sealed packing are all readily available. World-link is capable of dealing with any situation, be re-packing of goods for promotional activities, or changing packing to satisfy the regulations in different regions.

As an experienced logistics service provider, World-link understands that the management of packing materials is much more difficult than the management of products. This is because packing materials often have various restrictions, such as promotional period and expiry date. Therefore, the printed dates, amount and wordings as well as processing procedures after scrapping have to be taken into account. In view of this, in 2009, World-link has started managing materials systematically by implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX system for daily work management. In and out of materials are accurately recorded by the system. The Microsoft Dynamics AX system not only allows us to track the inventory level in real time, it also helps us to monitor the expiry period of the materials. Furthermore, we have implemented strict control on managing surplus materials, in order to ensure that surplus packing materials would not be used illegally.