Fulfilling Promises Despite Traffic Conditions

Ever-changing traffic conditions are definitely much of a challenge to the logistics industry. In case of emergency on traffic, World-link brings its flexibility into full play within various constraints, and thereby keeps its promises to customers by making on time delivery. Some years ago, most of the roads in the vicinity of Wing On Department Store in Sheung Wan were blocked. Vehicles were prevented from entering Central, not to mention unloading. One even needed to pass through Aberdeen and the Peak in order to make delivery to places, such as Causeway Bay and North Point. In face of such extreme difficulty, World-link discussed with customers for arranging unloading in the vicinity of their shops and thus made delivery on time throughout the road closure.

Responding Rapidly and Rushing Goods to the Airport

On a morning in 2015, World-link was suddenly requested by a customer from the catering industry to make delivery on the same day. Since the estimated demand for the customer’s goods on that day rose by more than 30%, the inventory had to be refilled urgently. World-link was requested to deliver tonnes of food ingredients to the airport by 3pm on that day. World-link successfully delivered all ingredients to the airport on time by urgently deploying manpower, which included arranging staff who were on-leave in the Warehouse and Transportation Departments to assist in the delivery. As World-link attaches great importance to customers' needs, we are able to arrange our manpower flexibly to handle emergent situations.

Flexible Deployment during Dockworkers’ Strike

Time management is a key factor in the logistics industry, especially for delivery of fast-moving consumer goods which requires seizing every minute and second. For example, if the goods cannot be shelved in a supermarket before the specified time, the supermarket concerned would recover such losses from the customer who supplies the goods. Some years ago, a strike took place at the container terminal and the logistics industry took the brunt. Being confronted by such unexpected challenge, World-link, as always, gave priority to safeguarding the interests of our customers and aimed at delivering goods to the retailers on time. At that time, World-link conducted a flexible manpower deployment while every department carried out its respective aspect of work. Staff from the Transportation Department queued up at the container terminal all night long to wait for the collection of containers. Staff from the warehouse were arranged to load the goods and those from the Packaging Department worked round the clock. Finally, we delivered the goods on time and were commended by the customers with a Certificate of Appreciation. This shows that World-link still sticks to its post with flexible arrangements during emergent situation.